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Free Fast Public DNS Servers

publié le 13 août 2012, 08:42 par Jean-Marc Ayotte
ref: http://theos.in/windows-xp/free-fast-public-dns-server-list/

The most basic task of DNS is to translate hostnames such as theos.in to IP address such as In very simple terms, it can be compared to a phone book. DNS also has other important use such as email routing.

This is my list of better, fast public dns servers and free dns server (as compare to your ISP / DSL / ADSL / cable DNS service providers dns servers). These dns servers are free to all. I was able to improve my browsing speed with following DNS servers. Use any one of the following provider.

Free Public DNS Server

=> Service provider: Google
Google public dns server IP address:


How do I change or setup DNS server IP address?

Visit below mentioned site to setup DNS as per your operating system: